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Welcome to Frame Presbyterian - Where Faith Meets Life

Welcome to Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church – we are a midsized congregation in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., worshipping at the corner of Church Street and Main Street, where Faith meets Life, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Some of us would describe ourselves as progressive, others would describe ourselves as conservative; but we all would describe ourselves as welcoming, caring, and active in working to share the love of God with the community around us. We are open-minded and openhearted as we try to live faithfully in a changing world. 

Sunday's Sermon

Leading Causes of Life: Blessing and Hope

October 18, 2020

The Rev. Dr. Susan Gilbert Zencka

Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church


Texts: Genesis 27:28-29, Genesis 32:24-29; Romans 5;1-5, 8:18-25


For the past two weeks we’ve been talking about a group of behaviors or values we’re calling “leading causes of life” following a book by the same title by co-authors Gary Gunderson, a Baptist layperson working for a large Methodist healthcare system and the Rev. Larry Pray, a United Church of Christ pastor.  They are both interested in the intersection of health and faith, an intersection that is at the heart of what the Bible describes as shalom: wholeness in our bodily health, peace in our relationships, wellness in our emotions and our finances, and connection with our spirituality.  This is the kind of life that they are looking for—abundant life, a full life, life characterized by zest, and wellness, purpose, and joy.  And what are the causes of this sort of life?

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